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About Rev. Kathy

“There is a power for good in the universe that is greater than you are and you can use it.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Who is Kathy Jordan? I am an ordained, non-denominational Minister, being of service to individuals in all walks of life, honoring all faiths and spiritual practices. I am licensed with the Centers for Spiritual Living. I follow Science of Mind® and New Thought teachings, having been a Spiritual Practitioner for over a decade. Following Ministerial coursework, I celebrated our Installation Ceremony in 2007 and became a Reverend. The tenets of Science of Mind requires one to ‘walk the walk,’ enhancing and expanding their calling, before conveying Ordination; to Know deeply that this Path is what one chooses as a way of life.  Seven years later {2014}, I was granted the Ordination process.  What a joy for me!


I have resided in Maryland for over 40 years, finding it an area of the country that is progressive (having legalized same-sex marriages long before the Supreme Court decision) and in flow with my beliefs that Life is for living with joy and acceptance and grace.

kathy JordanThe focus of my intentions is to encourage others to embrace a life-enhancing view, incorporating successful living principles and a positive outlook.  I celebrate Life and I am always honored to help others do the same, be it with my spouse, children, grandchildren, brother and sisters, as an aunt, friend or colleague, and with those who choose my professional ministerial services. These services include the role of Wedding Officiant; facilitating at different Celebrations of Life and/or other Life Events, Funerals, and even Hand-Fastings and House Blessings! Spirit is evident everywhere.

In the past, I worked in the travel industry for over 17 years, and am a world traveler, both by birth and by choice, which paved the way for my passion in Global Outreach and my focus ministry, Global Outreach Connection. I celebrate and have over two decades of recovery life-style that also is in keeping with my ideals of empowerment, authenticity, giving and receiving, non-judgmentalism, blessings, guidance, prayer and practice.

Philosophy:  I believe that Life is for living full out !

  • for tapping into your own personal power
  • for expecting the best
  • for realizing your thoughts are powerful and create your reality
  • for respecting and honoring all walks of life and beliefs
  • for practicing kindness
  • for being joyful
  • for laughing, loving and living the best version of YOU while on this planet
  • for knowing you are not alone

And so it is!