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Focus Ministry

“We envision Humanity increasingly awakened to its spiritual magnificence.” ~ Ernest Holmes

“A World that Works for Everyone” is the vision of Centers for Spiritual Living®, the organization to which I belong, where my ministry license is held.  I am part of a group of CSL ministers and spiritual practitioners partnering in a focus ministry, Global Outreach Connection. (This website link is being modified.) As the name implies, it is our mission to “connect hearts, create world neighbors.”  Founding minister, Barbara Rush says it quite nicely, “We are devoted to inspiring, teaching and empowering people within our global communities to create and live the life of their dreams. We serve people and communities outside the normal church environment, in becoming ever more aware of our oneness of Spirit, in, through, and as all of humanity.”   Global Outreach Connection’s ministers, spiritual practitioners and co-minded partners’ outreach efforts are definitely global and growing.  We are in:

Check blueShanghai, China
Check blueNairobi, Kenya
Check blueCosta Rica
Check blueHawaii
Check blueContinental United States
Another aspect of Global Outreach Connection is to coordinate trips to serve globally, engaging in what is called ‘Voluntourism’: traveling with a purpose. Global Outreach Connection. The combination of volunteering and touring is a magnificent way to enhance one’s travel experience. It is an inspirational journey blending touring and sightseeing while being of service to others in loving action around the world.  Let me know if you find this intriguing! You can contact me using the Contact Form.

In addition to our vision and mission, we also work closely with a dedicated group of ministers, practitioners and other members within CSL’s Global Services.  In many ways our passions are in alignment:  inviting people to step into their spiritual magnificence and supporting them in a variety of ways:

heart1Through international trips to be of support
heart1Attending & sponsoring events and conferences
heart1Helping their global growth
heart1Prayer work for their highest and best
Our Focus Ministry also participates and actively supports the CSL Food Project, a unique fund-raising project to eliminate world hunger – one child at a time.
This has been a powerful and heart-opening experience for me and I believe, all involved.  Take a look at our last packaging! 


It was awesome!  Want to become involved or know more?  Please let me know.
We gladly accept your Donations to further our work and I sincerely thank you in advance for your support.