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Kathy reading reviews

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Thank you!  You're such a bright light and you help everyone around you to see their light and to shine it too. I am so blessed right now for everything that transpired today. And I am holding you so tenderly my heart. Claudia, client

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Dear Kathy,
You were just the perfect person to officiate our mother's memorial service.  Thank you so much for your grace, your wisdom and your expert management of our various fragments.  We were so grateful to have found you. 

Blessings to you and yours. ~ Geo & Family

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Celebration of Life
Hello there!  

Kathy, thank you so kindly for your wonderful contribution to this process.  From the very beginning when we spoke by phone, I felt your grace surround me.  You stood in the wings and let us craft this celebration and listened with intention as as we dug deep to put into words who our mother was to us, and how her life impacted ours.  You did a wonderful job of connecting us; thank you. Thank you for walking with us in this journey. It takes a village.    

Love, ~Jenny

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In times of personal challenge and crisis, one can always rely upon Rev. Kathy for actionable coaching and powerful prayer support. ~ Jenna

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Rev. Kathy is an exuberant, caring, and uplifting minister who is dedicated to service to humanity and is an accomplished speaker, leader, and organizer. ~ Rev. Jenna

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Rev. Kathy Jordan is one of the most gifted spiritual leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with. Multi-talented, inspirational, committed and enthusiastic, Rev. Kathy motivates, captivates and inspires everyone and anyone fortunate enough to cross paths with her...through her classes, during her Sunday morning messages, or while shopping in the mall! She is the real deal. ~ Rev. Lee Blaisdell

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I am humbled that Rev. Kathy Jordan considers me a mentor. We have worked and played as spiritual colleagues for over a decade.  When students were examining personality types as part of the ministerial curriculum, she called me concerned because less than 2 percent of ministers share her type. That's how dedicated she is to her ministry. She has a legacy of success in personal development, commercial business, and spiritual leadership. Count on Kathy to complete whatever is asked of her with ALL heart, extraordinary organization, and amazing attention to detail. She truly leaves no stone unturned and can mentor all of us in the practice of selfless service. Her ministry is one to benchmark! ~ Rev. Gussie Scardina

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Rev. Kathy Jordan – Very consciousness and dedicated to expanding her spiritual awareness. Brilliantly creative regarding both ideas and their implementation. Awesomely skillful with a computer. Totally committed to the global expansion of The Centers for Spiritual Living. Completely loyal.

Beautifully cooperative, loving and encouraging. Imaginative and yet practical in strategy. Rev. Kathy's work for Global Services receives my highest praise. Her ministry is sure to unfold magnificently! ~ Dr. NANCY ANDERSON, CHAIR OF GLOBAL SERVICES, CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING.

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I met Kathy Jordan about 5 years ago through a friend. I was immediately moved by her wisdom and kindness. Kathy has a very warm and welcoming way of making people want to open up to her and ask her for help.
Not long after meeting Kathy, I was experiencing turmoil and extreme unhappiness.  I approached Kathy, asking for a few minutes of her time.  It seemed to me that she literally stopped what she was doing and took the time to listen to me.

I was going through a very difficult time in my life and saw no way to reverse the situation. She listened to everything I said, without interruption.  When I was finished, she asked me a question or two.  She then spoke for a short while.  I do not recall what exactly she said.
For many days afterward, I thought often of that conversation.  Again, I do not recall the exact words that were said. I do remember feeling better about myself and my situation. As time passed, feelings of gloom and doom seemed to diminish. Then one day, I forgot what my bad feelings were all about.

As I write this about this very special person, there is one particular thought that keeps returning to me.
That thought is that Kathy did not give me any answers to my questions. Nor did she offer any solutions to my problems.  What Kathy did do, in a very loving and creative way is gently led me to a place that answered my questions and that provided solutions to my problems.

Kathy led me gently and lovingly down a path that took me back to me. And all the answers to all of life’s questions can be found there, without fail.
Thank You Kathy Jordan
Baltimore, MD

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Kathy, Nothing can ever prepare one for the death of a spouse (even when you know it's coming), but I will always be grateful to you for helping me through Barry's death. The boys and I knew immediately that we wanted you to officiate at his memorial service and your eloquence and compassion brought just the sense of remembrance and celebration that we were hoping to achieve.  I give thanks for our friendship and look forward to many more years of shared joy and treasured memories. (And thank you so much for introducing me to Rev Lee, who staged the room in such a respectful way.) From the heart, ~ Gayle

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Reverend Kathy Jordan was an invaluable element to our wedding.  With her solid advice on every topic, my wife and I were able to have the perfect wedding.  During our time spent together, Reverend Kathy made us feel comfortable, motivated, and she always illuminated in our excitement. With huge credit to Reverend Kathy, our ceremony was absolutely perfect. Thank you! - Huge credit…..   Amanda and Will

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Reverend Kathy took the time to get to know each of us individually and together as a couple. Her easy manner and wealth of knowledge took much of the stress out of planning a wedding. She took the time to study and perfect the Celtic hand-fasting ritual that we wanted included in our ceremony. She made sure even the tiniest of details were addressed and nothing was left to chance. Her commitment to helping us create a personal wedding that expressed our unique love is something for which we will be forever grateful. We feel truly blessed to have the love and joy of Reverend Kathy as we begin our journey as husband and wife. - We feel truly ….  Mark and Meaghan