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Wedding Reviews

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Reverend Kathy Jordan was an invaluable element to our wedding.  With her solid advice on every topic, my wife and I were able to have the perfect wedding.  During our time spent together, Reverend Kathy made us feel comfortable, motivated, and she always illuminated in our excitement. With huge credit to Reverend Kathy, our ceremony was absolutely perfect. Thank you! - Huge credit…..   Amanda and Will

. Posted in Wedding Reviews

Reverend Kathy took the time to get to know each of us individually and together as a couple. Her easy manner and wealth of knowledge took much of the stress out of planning a wedding. She took the time to study and perfect the Celtic hand-fasting ritual that we wanted included in our ceremony. She made sure even the tiniest of details were addressed and nothing was left to chance. Her commitment to helping us create a personal wedding that expressed our unique love is something for which we will be forever grateful. We feel truly blessed to have the love and joy of Reverend Kathy as we begin our journey as husband and wife. - We feel truly ….  Mark and Meaghan