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Celebrations & Other Life Events

“Life is what you celebrate.  All of it.  Even its end.” ~ Joanne Harris

Celebrations of milestones and accomplishments have been around for millennia. It is part of Community to acknowledge and celebrate passages, everywhere from gestations-to-births, age milestones, commencements, unions, creating and blessing homes, new business start-ups, anniversaries, retirements, and on to final passages heralded by wakes, celebrations-of-life, memorials, and/or funerals. celebrating lifeCeremonies and celebrations that mark these events stand out in Time, and live in the memories of those who were there long after the calendar pages have turned.  It is an honoring of another that sparks the event; that binds us together.  It is about joy: joy that we share Community or a life with another, joy in their (or our) good fortune; joy in the blessing of having had them in our lives and with us on this journey.  Joy.

In keeping with my philosophy of living life with zest, love, respect and honor, I offer a variety of celebratory services that are designed with you and your wants/needs in mind: hand-crafted for you.

  • Pre-birth – celebrating and ‘showering’ the expecting family members with love, tokens, and blessings.

  • Birth – welcoming a new Soul and Spirit into this amazing world, surround her/him/them with Love, hope and promise.

  • Age-milestones – those moments which mark the movements into childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle ages, elder status. A recognition of life lived so far and the excitement of life to come.Celebrating Life
  • Commencements – be they cornerstones that mark the ‘end’ of one cycle, social or educational, or a new beginning, commencements honor the dedication and accomplishment one has made.  These include graduations from learning establishments, different types of trainings, spiritual practices, or sometimes physical life events.  Light is shone, praise is given, new dreams and visions are encouraged.
  • Unions – {please see the page for ‘Weddings & Philosophy’ if this is the Union you are interested in.}  There are other unions that call for recognition and celebration – the union of households, business partnerships, people coming together for a common cause. The blessing of the Ideal of trust, sharing and commitment is honored here.
  • House Blessings – clearing and enhancing sacred space. This can also be done in new business locations, revamped spaces, as well as one’s dwelling.
  • Anniversaries – mark more than just the time spent; anniversaries mark commitment, dedication, and promise-keeping. They mark diligent effort, willingness and a sense of feeling proud of all that was put into the ‘cause,’ be it a union/marriage, a profession, or a time-honored personal tradition.
  • Retirements – again, like Commencements, this is a special recognition of you, and the milestone(s) achieved, as well as the future that awaits.  A time of promise and new direction. A celebration.
  • Celebrating Life-3End of Life/Final Passages – are designed with the Beloved One in mind. A Light shining on the life lived, the gifts given, the gratitude felt, and the knowing that your loved one has journeyed on - is Home. A means of gentling the griefs felt and the shifting of the spaces where your loved one once held physical place. An acknowledgement of them – and you.
  • Any Reason to Celebrate! -  if it matters to you, it matters to me. The finishing of a manuscript; spring arriving upon the land; crop harvesting;  ribbon-cuttings;  a child’s success;  recovery from an illness or dis-ease;  both traditional and non-traditional holidays;  prizes won.  Life being liven.  Thanks being given.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”    Oprah Windfrey