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Ministerial Services

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.  You must learn to see the world anew." ~ Albert Einstein

I offer an encompassing, and often inter-connected, array of services as a Centers for Spiritual Living® and Science of Mind minister. I find great enjoyment in sharing the joy and empowerment that is available to each of us in a variety of venues. Through Counseling I feel blessed to assist others in finding their way if they are feeling ‘lost’. In Visioning, I encourage the energy to help expand  that ‘Knowing’ that lives inside.  I am a Speaker, a Messenger, a Teacher and a Supporter.  I feel great passion for what I “do,” and love connecting with others who are attempting to express their own passion.  Below is an overview of the services I offer.

Speaker – If you are wishing to engage a forward-thinking, life-affirming individual to speak at a retreat, a board meeting, a gathering of your like-minded friends, or at a workshop or seminar, please feel free to contact me. The range of topics is varied, yet always spiritually empowering.

Prayer SupportSacred Day Services – Topic-specific of your choice. Loving, affirming, inclusive, and geared to your audience, congregation and beliefs.

Counseling and Coaching – individual and/or couples.  Life events often have a way of shaking us ‘off center.’  Spiritual Counseling is about re-discovering the path to your Self, your True North.  Attention is returned to what is good and right in your life. The support mechanism of Counseling simply guides you to remembering the truth of who you are, in your divinity. Some Counseling issues I have worked with include grief work, health or lifestyle issues, financial and professional concerns, certain life/age milestones.  Coaching empowers the answers to the “what-if’s,” the creation of a fulfilling future.  Please know, whether Counseling or Coaching, all sessions are confidential in nature.

Prayer Support – for you, for a loved one, for a city or region in turmoil, for the Planet.  The power of prayer moves mountains.  Connection to Prayer Support can be made face-to-face, via Skype or WebEx, or by telephone.  Energy in whatever form has power.

Vision CirclesVisioning - I can and will Know With You your Vision for your highest good.  Visualization Support and Guided Imagery are tools that enhance this process, and ‘miracles’ – amazing results - are created.

Recovery – for those who have found Life again through a 12-Step Recovery program, it is absolutely known that it is a Spiritual process and journey. While I incorporate the principles and values of Recovery with Science of Mind, I do more than talk the talk, I walk the walk.  Whether it is lifestyle issues, a burning desire, a slippery slope, or a moment or two of what is perceived as spiritual ‘bankruptcy,’ there is always Hope and a way through.