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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  ~ William Butler Yeats

Mind Body SoulMany words come to mind to describe what a Science of Mind minister is:  teacher, mentor, guide, way-shower, celebrant, officiant, speaker, comforter, healer, conduit.  I receive great pleasure in paying-It-forward – “It” being the gifts and teachings I have received over the past decade and more.  The opportunity to share the powerful, enhancing, life-changing teachings of Ernest Holmes and his mentors, and those who have take up the continued goal of teaching Science of Mind, New Thought, and the Natural Laws that govern the known Universe is precious to me.  I get jazzed, excited, and darn-near levitate at the prospect of introducing more and more Minds to the beauty and magnificence that they Are, and, to what Is!  

Science of Mind Workshops, Seminars and Classes – Whether you are new to these teachings, contemplating becoming a practitioner, or simply want to enhance your life, the variety of classes, seminars and workshops will be of great benefit.  All presentations are close-ended, and ask of you the willingness to begin Belief. Belief in change; belief in yourself; belief in the interconnectedness of All.Group in Circle

Please see the Calendar of Upcoming Events for specific Workshops, Seminars and/or Classes.  Or feel free to contact me using the Contact Form.

Coursework Mentor – For those who are involved in Practitioner training and are seeking additional tutoring and/or Mentoring.  

Co-Teaching – Joining in partnership with other Ministers who are inspiring and educating others to a new way of Thinking and Living.

Events – Occasionally there are events planned in Howard County or within the larger Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Community.  Our interconnectedness is a cause for celebration.  Helping others, celebrating special events, undoing ‘damage,’ supporting a loving and empowering cause – these are the events that change the world, and change the ‘You’ inside.  Or, if you would like to have an event taken into consideration for listing, please contact me using the Contact Form.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo