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Weddings & Philosophy

“All you need is love.”  ~ John Lennon

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All Unions are sacred - yet there is something fundamentally powerful when two individuals choose to stand in front of witnesses, look each other in the eye, and give voice to the depth and commitment of their Love during a marriage ceremony.  The State of Maryland was a forerunner in embracing the rights of all adults to enter into a legally-sanctioned marriage.  Time to be recognized. Time to celebrate. Time to step into one of the most special partnerships two people can enter.  Congratulations !

My Wedding Philosophy – I fully recognize the power of the commitment of marriage. It is a decision that is courageous, exciting, and sometimes terrifying.  Yes, it IS a big decision. While it is a legally binding statement, it is also a spiritual and moral commitment that two people make to each other. Whether choosing to give voice to the traditional vows of “to honor and cherish, from this day forward,” or giving voice to personally written vows, there is power in the words.   An affirmation.  A testament to creating a future together.

As a minister with strong ties to New Thought, and the Science of Mind teachings, the choice to create a vision and give voice to this vision, to enter Mind and Spirit and Body into this vision, is to make manifest a future. You and your partner’s strong-held desire to co-create this vision and joint future is of paramount importance. Spirit is evident everywhere.  I am both honored and joyful when I am asked to officiate a wedding.  Indeed, a time of celebration.

What You Can Expect – First and foremost, this is your wedding. Not mine, not the parents and future in-laws; not well-meaning friends.  Yours.  Your wants, desires and dreams, both individually and as a couple, are the focus.

We will meet several times so that I may get as full a picture as possible of who you both are and what you are desiring.  We will discuss many of the aspects of what marriage “is;” we’ll discuss your individual hopes, expectations and fears {and we all have them}.  We will also pay attention to the ‘particulars’ of your wedding – where you envision it taking place, when, time-frame, who else would be involved in the ceremony, how large or small a part you wish me to play.   I am not a “wedding planner.” However, I do have some Resources that I would be pleased to recommend if you so choose and/or feel you have the need.

‘Cost’ is often close to the top of individuals’ questions.  I choose to discuss that with you, as a couple, early on in private.  Much depends upon the ceremony you choose to have and how much planning and rehearsal time we spend together, prior to creating the ceremony that will live in your Minds each and every anniversary you celebrate.

“May {your} God be with you and bless you. May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortunes & rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.” Irish Wedding Blessing.